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grace, a lil girl with a big dream and her bum                            grandma sharon 

What is olive grace Studios, llc (an eccentric quilt shop)?

Is collaboration between Quilt and Gift shop specializing in the sale of fabric, vintage notions and unique patterns.  The shop serves the surrounding communities with quilt classes for all ages and levels.  Most important eventually selling my own designs and patterns. 

Who is behind olive grace Studios, llc (an eccentric quilt shop)?

Me (Kori Turner) and the people that inspire me and the memory of people who I have loved and lost. 

Since I was a little girl my mom and grandmas’ took me in and out of little quilt and gift shops.  I believe this is where the dream of opening a quilt shop all began.  When I went away to college this enigma was put on the back burner.  I received a B.F.A. in Interior Design from Savannah College of Art and Design and headed off to the corporate world of Architecture.  The path of climbing the corporate ladder was not for me and I looked back at the dream I had once envisioned.  So I packed my apartment up in Washington D.C. and Dad moved me home to Fowler!  Now I have my own little quilt shop in hopes of sharing my experiences through classes, hand picked sewing goods and cool patterns.  It will be even more exciting when I finally start show my own creations....hopefully sooner than later!   

 Where is olive grace Studios, llc (an eccentric quilt shop)?

The little red school house that sits on my family's farm.

What is so ironic about my idea is that in the late 50’s the Dewitt sisters who’s family originally built my family’s home saved the schoolhouse from becoming a garage.  The sister’s moved the one room schoolhouse to our property to become a retail space and McGuffy Reader Museum.  They to had a big idea…Mable’s was to provide our community with music lessons and Evelyn’s was to have a quilt shop and classes.  Although the sisters never opened their own shop I hope in some way I am making their dream come true too.

Where did the name of the shop come from?

It is the combination of the two grandmothers who taught me how to sew and a few women who inspired me in the "studio" in college and in the corporate world!

Olive = Olive June Turner
my grandmother (my dad's mom) a lady who loved her country and was the most patriotic women I knew,  Loved buttons and sewing and passed then on to me.

Grace = Janet Grace Everett
my great-grandmother (my mom's grandma) who is still teaching me today how to quilt and become a better craftsperson,  Her pride of her family is something that I hold close to my heart.

                                                         olive and a lil girl in a red hat