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BOM Details:
2016-17 BOM
As you know I'm very excited to share this little quilt with you! Each month you will make 4 little patches. If you decide to participate in the workshops you will prep your blocks through out the month and then when you come to the workshop we will work on the embroidery stitches.  I will show you how to do this when you come for the demo on the first pickup. The first month you will come twice and pay twice after this it will go down to only one time per month.  If you are doing auto shipment then your BOM’s will go out in the mail the next day from the below dates.  If you decide to come on Friday night workshops you must RSVP because spots are limited and it will be on a first come first serve basis.  Please note that dates and workshops can change so to life happenings! 
Workshops Start @ 5:30 to 7:30 Tea and homemade Dessert will Served
and will be held in the house.
1. Friday September 2nd first Pickup and demo at time of pickup Pickup for October and  Workshop September 30th
2. Friday October 28th Workshop and Pickup
3. Friday November 18th Pickup Only
4. Friday December NO BOM so we can enjoy the HOLIDAYS!
5. Friday January 27th Pickup Only
6. Friday February 24th Workshop and Pickup
7. Friday March 31st Workshop and Pickup
8. Friday April 28th Workshop and Pickup
9. Wednesday May 24th Pickup Only
10. Friday June 30th Workshop and Pickup
11. Friday July 28th Workshop and Pickup
12. Friday August 25th Workshop and Pickup

Below is how OG classes work and how you will decide if you the class is for you!
There will always be a class level know as “sewinship” which is explained below. Class
Syllabus (agenda) will be available at the shop this will include all the supplies to be purchased and what you will need to bring to class. A lot of you are thinking where in the world are classes going to be given at... the old gingerbread house directly beside the shop for space purposes.  

sewinship is what level of sewing you are at!

Novice:your a rookie and need to learn the basics

Junior: your past the basics yet still need to get your feet wet

Intermediate: you know what your doing but not quite a senior

Senior: your a sewing guru and know exactly what your doing

Super: everybody can take and learn from one another

P.S.: We are here to help you so please ask questions...
call or email the shop today!

Olive Grace 
Stafford Tea Cup Coaster 


~ The shop has the right to CANCEL the class if there are not enough class participants
~ All workshop/ class participants have to BUY a pattern no in class sharing.
~ Kits are usually available for class please consider them when participating in class. Stash is fine to incorporate in project but please consider supporting the shop if a kit is not purchased.
~ Class Fee has to be paid at time of sign-up and the fee is non-refundable unless class is cancelled! 
~ Kits include Patterns but not Books!
~ Questions are NEVER silly so PLEASE ask away… call or come into the shop!